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Contact our dedicated attorneys to discuss estate planning for your family and business.

Of the many courses of action involved in the process of estate planning, there are several documents that need to be addressed. Wills, trusts, forms, and other official materials are vital in achieving a properly established estate plan. In general, most new clients assert they do not have a prepared estate plan, but are surprised to learn that there is one in place for them regardless; if no planning is done manually by the persons affected, the estate in question will be distributed after death according to laws instituted by the state of Tennessee.

This is why Estate Planning is important! Although state laws may seem reassuring to some, to others it can be concerning if the laws automatically put in place are not ideal for certain situations. Therefore, a properly drafted, thorough estate plan will include your own custom needs to work in your family's best interest.  Though it is an emotional process, you don’t need to go through estate planning all on your own. At The Estate & Family Law Group, you can attain all the help you need in order to draft the perfect estate plan.

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Your Family Is Our Focus

Our experienced Memphis attorneys know how to present our clients in a positive light before the court, often allowing us to achieve successful resolutions.  From the time you first speak with us, to the final judgment of your case, our team will be with you every step of the way. You can rely on us for all of your family and estate law needs.

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